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Dynamic Charging Power Management

• Dynamic Charging Power Management (pat. pend.) for intelligent, adaptive and automatic charging power distribution • Scalability with add-on power modules • The charging power can be routed to up to 8 charging outputs, 4 x S-Series double or 8 x single charging satellites and/or pantographs • Recommended max. DC cabling between C-Series charging power unit and S-Series charging satellite is 262 feet / 80 meters • The door is equipped with a swing handle with a tumbler lock for easy & safe enclosure

How Does it Work?

The heavy-duty, electromechanical design of EV-olution Charging Power Units (CPU) consists of control, dynamic and power modules. Each cabinet utilizes 1 to 4 power modules, each of which providing a maximum charging power of up to 50 kW. A full CPU provides a maximum total pow- er of up to 200/400/600 kW, depending of the CPU version. The charging power management can be set as dynamic, utilizing different dynamic logics, or as static. With dynamic, the maxi- mum charging power is automatically distributed and optimized between up to 8 charging out- puts simultaneously. With static, each power module is assigned for a specific S-Series charging satellite or pantograph, providing pre-set charging power to each charging output.